Module Two
The Magic Emporium

Uncovering your hidden value

  • Most folk write books or create courses that are focused on presenting what they know. But your audience work with you because of what you can do for them. And a brilliant product strategy relies on you getting clear about what it is you really The biggest challenge is that much of this is now unconscious behaviour for you, you’ve spent years learning how to do it instinctively. In this module you’ll connect to your hidden value, recognise its true worth and start to think about how you can build this into your books, courses and other products.
  • The difference between knowledge and authority
  • Shaping your authority so it seems magical to others
  • Behaviour profiling tools and your own experience
  • Leveraging profile tools within your own business
  • Pain / pleasure archetypes
  • Identifying the pain and pleasure strategies of your audience
  • Recognising how you bypass these strategies to create value
  • How to shift from abstract ideas to tangible experiences for your audience
  • Neurological writing: first steps in sense-writing
  • Evolving your sensory acuity and language skills for audience impact
  • An introduction to primers: tools for supporting behavioural change
  • An introduction to auguries: tools for supporting long-term mindset change
  • How you currently model success for your audience
  • The relationship between your internal dynamics and your audience’s change journey
  • Nurturing neuroplasticity in your audience