Do you want to write a book, create a course
or add products to your business model?

Join our “author your book programme” at any time—FIND OUT MORE.

JOIN OUR “create your product business programme” AT ANY TIME—FIND OUT MORE.

Enjoy exploring The Alternate Reality Company to make sure you build on solid foundations.

It is not about your book or course!
The book, the course, the audio programme, should be part of a coherent business strategy. This needs to be clear before a single word is written or record button pressed. At The Alternate Reality Company (TARC) you’ll explore the five strategic foundations needed for your shift from time-swapping service model to product-business model.
Only one thing matters!
For your audience only one thing matters—that they get brilliant results from reading your book or completing your course. Content matters, but what your audience wants is transformation, not mere information. The Author the Future Foundations programme focuses on keeping your book or course in your transformation zone.
You are the magical ingredient!
When you work 1:1, in small groups or on stage you change the world of your audience. Better relationships, stronger teams, better quarterly sales—the world looks different as a result. Author the Future Foundations is a unique programme that evolves your product strategy and your Storyselling ability so your books and courses change the world just like you do!
You choose: solo or group adventurer or BOTH!
You can begin your Author the Future Foundations programme at any point and work through it at your own pace. Access to the twice-monthly group mentoring sessions is included. Enjoy the encouragement, challenge and insight that other authors bring to the experience.
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