Module Three
The Cartographer

Mapping your change journey and media strategy

  • Creating books or courses that are effective at changing the world of your audience requires a new way of seeing, structuring and presenting your knowledge, skills and experience. In this module you’ll take all the stuff buzzing around your head in random, unstructured form and map it into the real world in a place you know brilliantly. This lets you start creating your own strategy for remote influence through media. A strategy which is completely different to your live, in-the-room approach.
  • An introduction to 3D Value Design
  • The crucial role of Value Endeavours
  • First steps in defining your principal Value Endeavour
  • Immersive transformation: an introduction to transmedia and media bubbles
  • Your audience’s existing ecosystem and how to create your compelling ecosystem
  • A transmedia experience that leads you through your own mapping activity
  • Identifying five fundamental elements and activities in your change work
  • Translating these to media elements that support your audience’s change
  • The relationship between Value Endeavours and Value Confirmations
  • Pain Endeavours, Pleasure Endeavours and their threat to value creation
  • Mapping your inner knowledge, skills and experience into real-world space
  • How you deal with self-sabotage, resistance and opposition to change
  • How you create safe spaces for change
  • Evolving a responsive approach to new challenges using media